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Servicengine Testimonial

Founded more than 20 years ago, Servicengine’s products automate global talent management and employee mobility, using intelligent technologies to adapt to even the most challenging global mobility assignments.

Their core technologies focus on international program management, compensation, budgeting and tax, and financial elements such as payments and invoicing. Their systems support over 250,000 relocations annually.

Servicengine’s president Harry Dayton explained how his organisation found working with Mauve Group:

Servicengine is a US-headquartered organisation, and we contacted Mauve as we had found an ideal candidate in Canada. We needed expertise and support with the management of payroll, insurance and other local employment matters.

After reviewing Mauve Group’s proposal, we felt their expertise suited our needs and we opted for the Employer of Record solution.

Mauve Group’s solutions and services are attractive because fundamentally they make it easier to onboard employees. I would recommend Mauve Group to any organisation hiring internationally due to the ease of their processes and the simplicity of onboarding new overseas workers.

In terms of a future relationship between Servicengine and Mauve Group, we plan to utilise Mauve Group for all of our non-local hires around the world.

Harry Dayton – President