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Expanding into Asia featuring industry expert Nick Gan

Listen to our latest podcast episode, as Mauve Group's Singapore-based BD Team Manager Nick Gan shares about Asia's fastest-growing industries; the standard of living for expats and dependents; and much more.

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As Mauve Group’s representative in Singapore and the Asian market, Nick Gan discusses everything a company should be aware of when considering expanding its operations into Asia. He talks about the fastest-growing industries in the region, the new working trends that hit the market post Covid, the standard of living for expats and their dependents, and more.

Nick explains why companies are missing out on a huge market of potential customers by not establishing themselves in Asia, either through Mauve’s Employer of Record or entity set-up solutions. Finally, he highlights key considerations for global expansion, including staying up to date with the ever-changing rules and regulations that differ from country to country and explains why his clients prefer to engage an Employer of Record to ensure compliance and adherence to local laws.

About the speakers

Demetra Tofarides, Marketing and Events Specialist

Originally from Paphos, Cyprus, Demetra’s studies brought her to the UK where she achieved a Masters in Events Management. Demetra worked as a production assistant following graduation, creating large-scale events for clients such as EasyJet and Toyota. Now based in Mauve’s Dubai office, Demetra brings her events expertise to the marketing department and assists our Channel Partner team to develop the referral scheme.

Nick Gan, Business Development Team Manager, Singapore

Originally from Singapore and having spent his life living and working in Asia, Nick Gan represents Mauve Group as its Business Development Team Manager in the region. Nick started his career in hospitality, before moving into the global mobility industry; where his roles focused on business development and supply chain growth.

With both local and international clients, Nick has vast experience helping companies develop their business in the APAC market. At Mauve, he educates companies on the potential of the region and supports their international expansion, while developing partnership initiatives to build Mauve’s presence in the region.

If you are thinking of expanding into new locations, or hiring globally through an Employer of Record, our team of experts can help. Contact us to find out more.