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Mozilla Thunderbird – Testimonial

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Mozilla Thunderbird is a free and open-source cross-platform email client, personal information manager, news client, RSS and chat client developed by the Mozilla Foundation and operated by subsidiary MZLA Technologies Corporation.

Mozilla is responsible for creating the well-known internet browser Firefox, which broke the browser monopoly in the early 2000s. MZLA Technologies Corporation was launched to continue the organisation’s mission. Their Director of Operations, Lisa McCormack, explains how Mauve Group has supported MZLA/Thunderbird’s global strategy.

Our experience with Mauve Group began when it was established that we needed to source a new supporting global employment provider. Our goal was to find an efficient client service without multiple layers of communication.

We’ve found that in Mauve. Even though Mauve does use partners in some instances, everyone in the chain is efficient and there is never any problem with the flow of information back and forth. It’s managed inhouse so everything happens without issue, and without additional costs.

The process of working with Mauve is as much or as little as I need it to be at any given time – the service feels bespoke. There have been times where our Account Manager Caroline and I have been in constant contact over multiple days – for example when working on onboarding employees across several countries. I am quite new to working with overseas employees, so Mauve and Caroline were invaluable in helping me get up to speed, and understand the nuances of the process.

At other times, it’s been business as usual, and I can rely on being able to reach out when I need to. I am safe in the knowledge that Mauve’s management of the employees runs along smoothly. Our goal is always that we want a seamless process without any disruption to workers.

The best thing about working with Mauve Group is their responsiveness and willingness to dig into any questions that arise, building our own knowledge base. They work on our behalf to find out what certain situations mean for future precedent, or how it could impact when we hire in that location again.

I would recommend Mauve because they are easy to work with, and clearly care about the EoR employees – that was evident from our very first conversations. I feel comfortable that Mauve is a very good local proxy for me. The wellbeing of the workers is always the focus, alongside the assurance that we’re following all regulations and legalities.

We are a global team and intend to continue to hire internationally – and whenever we source people in countries outside the US or Canada, we would look to Mauve to support the global onboarding.

Lisa McCormack – Director of Operations at MZLA Technologies Corporation