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Mauve Group's 2023 wins

We're looking back at an amazing year at Mauve...

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As 2023 draws to a close, we’re looking back at a stellar year for Mauve. With four big industry award wins and five shortlistings under our belt, and some amazing strides made as a company, Team Mauve is reflecting on our professional highlights of 2023.

Have a read of some of our incredible team members’ personal and/or professional highlights from an incredible year!

Ann Ellis, CEO

One of my wins for 2023 was registering Mauve Cymru and having the opportunity to meet so many interesting people at the events we have held and attended. A huge thank you to the PR and Marketing team, and to Elen, Teresa, and Meryl for all of their support. I'm looking forward to a successful year for Mauve in 2024.

Ellie Simmons, PR & Communications Assistant

“My departmental win for 2023 relates to the collaborative and creative work of both the Marketing and PR departments, to raise [our Welsh company] Mauve Cymru's profile – following its launch earlier this year.

We  have worked to put Wales on the global stage, by hosting successful events in London, Cardiff, and Dubai and creating partnerships with Welsh ICE, Commonwealth Team Wales, NatWest Cymru, and many more. Great teamwork!

My personal win was having the opportunity to travel to the United States, on my first transatlantic corporate trip, to represent Mauve at the Go Global Awards in Rhode Island , while pitching to a panel of judges in a bid to win the Global Remote Work Solutions Award . It was the icing on the cake, finding out we had won in our category!”

Abi Streeton, Global Account Manager

“My professional win has been being able to see my colleagues in real life this year, for the first time since I started with Mauve four years ago. I got to attend my first work event in Rotterdam, complete my first face-to-face client meeting, and enjoy my first team meet-up.

It  has been lovely to connect in person rather than virtually, developing my interpersonal skills further and building rapport with clients and potential clients.”

Annette Ord, Global Sales Manager

“As a manager, seeing the Account Management team increase its 'closed won' opportunities is amazing. It was also great to have the opportunity to attend management training with the rest of the managers during the summer.

On a personal level, while not Mauve/career-related, I qualified as a counsellor in the summer, which is something I would not have done without the support and flexibility of the company and I am excited to see progress over the coming years.

And I recently organised my first team meet-up. This included external presentation training - something that has always been a nemesis of mine - as well as team meets/reviews and, finally, some fun stuff!”

Emma Prodomou, GBE & Immigration Manager

“A professional win for me was to successfully onboard my first direct report into the Immigration department. Having had supporting staff members in the past, it has been great to welcome Heather to the team.

We have seen our immigration solutions  increase by 10 new countries in the last year. Having Heather onboard has also allowed me time to work on Global Business Expansion (GBE) solutions too, which have also grown by nine new partners.”

Heather Wright, Immigration Assistant

“Leading on from Emma's response, my professional win is successfully changing my career, a daunting prospect. But Emma's patience while training me for weeks - despite her busy schedule - when I first started, together with Mauve's excellent induction and the assistance and kindness from other departments when Emma has been on leave, all enabled me to relatively and quickly become confident and a help to Emma and the Immigration department.”

Britt Little, Business Development Executive

“My professional win has been learning how I work most effectively with a recent discovery of ADHD earlier this year. I have worked with an ADHD coach and discovered so many great tools and strategies to use it as a strength, and learn self-compassion for my own workflows!

It  has helped me find fun ways of systemising my own processes and learning how to gamify lots of tasks. I’m also proud of achieving new clients this year!”

Irene Hamer, Client Liaison Specialist APAC & MEA

“A recent career win I celebrated was when I was given the opportunity and honour of attending the HRM Asia award ceremony in Singapore, in early November, alongside my colleague Imilee.

I was thrilled to be able to collect the best EoR Service Provider award on behalf of Mauve, and am excited for what lies ahead!”

Imilee Buentipo, Customer Relations Manager

“My professional wins this year included the opportunity to attend the management training course in Cyprus in June 2023 and meet colleagues face-to-face.

Another proud moment was when I had the privilege of representing Mauve Group at the recent HRM Asia award ceremony in Singapore with Irene. I look forward to another year of fulfilment, happiness, and meaningful achievements.”

Andrew Soon, Customer Relationship Manager (Asia)

“My professional wins this year included firstly being part of Team Mauve, our first Employer of Record closure for Mauve Singapore, and winning the Bronze Award in the HRM Asia Reader's Choice Awards for Best Employer of Record Service Provider.

More importantly, not forgetting the great partnership with Nic Gan, BD Team Manager for Mauve ASIAPAC, and the wonderful support from all the colleagues, managers, and senior management team.”

Rosalind Smith, PR & Communications Manager

“I’ve had lots of professional wins this year – definitely starting with successfully onboarding two lovely and talented new direct reports Ellie Simmons and Laura-Blaise McDowell, as well as the onboarding of the brilliant Rekha Dhar in the wider department.

I'm also proud of myself for overcoming a fear of public speaking and pitching to a judging panel and audience at the Go Global Awards, and finding I really enjoyed it.

Another win is being shortlisted in all awards we applied for this year, and winning four out of five of them. I loved getting to be part of the fantastic events Demetra Tofarides has organised this year, and also attending SHRM in Vegas and Go Global Awards in Providence this month. We had a brilliant team meet-up in Cyprus. Being part of the new website project has also been a win. There were so many things I loved this year!

Finally, a personal win is being maid of honour at my little sister's wedding in October. A jam-packed 2023, and next year will be even better!”

Laura-Blaise McDowell, Content & Copywriting Executive

“I was delighted to join Mauve and the amazing Marketing & PR team in 2023, and then to meet everyone at our beautiful team meet-up in Cyprus. This is the first fully remote job I've had, yet it's been the smoothest, most welcoming onboarding I’ve experienced.

I  really enjoyed supporting Mauve in its award wins this year and learning loads about the global employment landscape, and I'm looking forward to 2024!”

Teresa Lewis, Country Representative & Business Development Coordinator

“My professional win has been to speak as part of a live panel on two occasions through the All-Ireland Business Foundation Entrepreneurial meet-ups. The panel was made up of other business professionals around the subject of internationalisation.

It  has taken me a long time to feel comfortable enough to get up in front of people and speak. I may have to do it again in a few weeks at the Dublin Christmas event, which will have even more people attending!”

Tamalyn Ellerington, Global Development Manager

“There’s been lots of good stuff this year. My most rewarding client win of 2023 was an RFP for entity setup, Global Payroll, and HR Consulting for a client expanding into France. While I submit and win lots of tenders, usually Employer of Record is the most in demand. So, this was a little out of my comfort zone, and it was for France which is exceptionally tricky. I learnt so much through this process and through meeting the partner in France. Fingers crossed, it’s all going well so far!

I also loved the meeting lots of the company in Cyprus in May, and getting all of the Europe BD Team together in York in October.”

Karen Lilley, Global Account Manager (Americas)

“My professional wins this year, having completed almost two years with Mauve, are bringing three new Employer of Record clients – after reaching out on LinkedIn to a previous Head of HR, who had joined a new company but had worked with me before. This was a great opportunity which came from a “Good luck in your new role” message and really paid off for me.

The second was getting together for our team meet with all of my account manager colleagues in York, where we worked together, trained on our presentation skills, and had a valuable three days catching up as a team.”

Louise Reposo, Global Account Manager

“My professional win was attending a series of successful client meetings in the USA. Nothing can replace face-to-face meetings and I firmly believe that my time spent there has helped build relations and led to me having a better understanding of our clients’ needs.

Also, it’s important to add that the Sales team had a great team meet-up in York. I particularly enjoyed the training we had on presenting – much needed and has instilled us with the confidence and skills needed to become an effective presenter. Roll on 2024, so we can benefit from the fruits of our efforts!”

Grace Stoner, International Account Manager

“My professional win of 2023 has been working on my first RFP, focusing on Global Payroll with possible EoR opportunities, which took me to Sedgefield to do my first face-to-face client presentation. And although we didn't win this tender, it was a great experience for me and opened my eyes to the HR solutions side of the business, which I have not had much experience working with in the past.

The recent team meet in York was also a highlight of my year, as it was really nice to spend time with the team all together, during training but also outside of work. I think this time has really shown us how strong we are as a team and how well we work together – we already knew that, but escaping from the Boneyard Cemetery (an escape room!) was good confirmation!”

John Jacques, Business Development Executive

“My professional win was being chosen to submit an RFP for ASM, an NGO in America. Tamalyn Ellerington helped me every step of the way and although we didn't win the tender, we did get down to the last two, presented, and received some really good feedback from them.

What satisfied me more was that this came about from a conversation I had with the HR partner at SHRM 23.”

Karolina Zachara, Global Benefits Services Manager

“In triumph this year, Benefits hurray,

The youngest team, in the smallest array.

Figuring out the what, the where, the why,

Success bloomed beneath their watchful sky.

Kindness, their second name, they wore,

Encountering daily, a kindness galore.

Impossible feats made possible and bright,

Gratitude sparkles in every team member's sight.

Elevating customer experience, a noble quest,

Visibility of information, their bequest.

Questions from colleagues, they embrace,

Fuelling passion, they willingly chase.

With Lisa's support, as the director so sweet,

Whose touch brings warmth, makes each day a treat.

A guiding force with warmth and cheer,

In this success story, her presence is clear.

A special THANK YOU, with fireworks aglow,

To Georgia Kanari, a star's radiant glow.

In this professional win, her light shines far,

A guiding force, our collective rising star.

Bens is always ready & happy to help :)."

Thank you to all our clients and friends who have made 2023 such a brilliant year for Mauve Group. We’d like to wish everyone a very happy holiday season, and a peaceful new year.